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New SMS Technology in the UK:

Freedom T7460 SMS

Freedom Transmitter

The Freedom T7460 transmitter allows you to page your customers cell phone. This can reduce unit losses over time.

New technology on the T7460 Freedom Transmitter is a stand alone option. Other products in the Freedom range include computer and other SMS solutions. Only available from LRS.

Current LRS News:

Opticians Test Room Communications

Staff to Staff Communications

Our Opticians Paging Systems are now almost an industry standard.

demoWe supply one of the largest opticians in the UK. Our System is now the leading brand in opticians sites in the UK and unique to us - using patented technologies that other companies simply do not have.

10 Year Warranty:

New Warranty

The best warranty available


demoThe best warranty for paging systems worldwide now comes from LRS UK. We have substantially updated our warranty to 10 years for manufacturing defects.


If you want to buy the same old competitors pagers with one year warranty from UK distributors then feel free - but there is not one company out there that is prepared to stand by their products
in a way that LRS UK is. This exciting new warranty was released on 5th may 2011.

Please note that terms and conditions do apply.

On-site Pagers and Paging Communications for all Your Needs

LRS is a manufacturer of paging systems for 20 industries. Our products are used everywhere. Check out the industries we supply from the menu on the left.

Warranty and Service

We offer a new for old warranty on all of our paging equipment.

And our warranty is now *10 YEARS!

Why buy other products with inferior warranties? Imagine having a warranty that lasts for *10 Years... well stop imagining - it's right here - right now! Don't expect to see this any time soon from distributors or those Chinese products out there - it won't happen. LRS UK ONLY
* terms apply.

New online Video Demonstrations of Pagers and Paging Equipment

Simply click the image below to see our Video Demos of most pagers equipment:


Try our Products for Free?

We offer a 14 day free trial for all equipment. Competitors do not.

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: Our Equipment can be configured for EVERY industry.
UNIQUE PATENTED PRODUCTS: All wireless pagers are the same? wrong. Often we hear about problems when you own a different brand - it does not work, or you are being continually charged for warranty repairs etc but then its too late for us to help.
THE LRS EXPERIENCE: We offer excellent support. We are the manufacturer, we treat our customers just as we would like to be treated. Ask for References.

Our Paging Equipments most Advanced Features:

Examine our product pages for full features but here are a few of the notable benefits:

  • Anti Theft Features
  • Maximum Range from maximum legal transmission output for the UK
  • Fully approved CE, RoHS and weee
  • Robust design
  • SMS messaging from pager transmitters to cell phone
  • Unlimited range with Netpage Unlimited paging systems
  • Cost effective, increase efficiency, profitability
  • One off pager system price with no on going charges
restaurant pagers
Staff and Server or Waiter Communications: You can achieve a return on investment of less than one month. In some industries we have seen less than 1 week of use to pay for the equipment.
Customer Recall Systems: It's simple, how our coaster and adverteaser works. The advantages are the return on investment,  increased customer service with profitability. Make any queue 'invisible'. Restaurant, Hotel, Retail or other industries use this equipment.
retail paging worldwide
survey pagers
Allegiant Survey Comment card: All the information to make informed decisions - know what customers think, and what they experience in your environment. The survey system collects customer data for later use.

Paging Packages from a Brand Leader

We supply configured communication systems for one or many sites or for a whole group of companies. Our portfolio is extensive - many users which may even be from your industry.

Benefits for Customers

We have many features and benefits - below are some of the main advantages of buying from us.

Dynamic Response: We make your customer experience second to none. We are specialists and while there are many distributors of equipment out there, there are few manufacturers like us.
No Quibble Fixes to Problems:We resolve equipment problems FAST.
Manufacturing issue problems are resolved with a new for old product replacement.
Flexible Payment Terms: If your company is creditworthy credit facilities are no problem.

Our scope of products includes alphanumeric, conference call, emergency, cases, watch strap, software, radios, restaurant, sms, vibrating, waiter call, walkie talkie radios, windows, wireless buzzers. Our Pager Call Systems are not available anywhere else in the UK and we handle all warranty work and customer support right here in the UK.

Finally consider this, that LRS only sells one solution. There are dealers and more recently distributors who sell more than one brand of equipment (which even competes with other brands they sell) and often this is because neither brand is effective, reliable or cost effective.

At Long Range Systems we have one world leading design, one world leading brand, one great product range and one great price. Try our products now, what are you waiting for?


Awarded by the FreeIndex Pager Service Providers directory

Rest assured - our HME (Heavy Metal Environment) does not bother LRS products - they are completely resilient.